Let's begin with Chuck's hobby - Kaiser and Frazer automobiles.

Chuck and Betty Hucker live near
LaCrosse, Indiana.  Chuck has been interested
in Kaisers and Frazers most of his life.

Chuck convinced Betty to "just look" at two 1955 Kaisers which were for sale in 1998.  Guess what?  They bought both of them.  In 2000 they sold the light green Kaiser, Model 51363N, Serial No. 11015 to make room for a "ready to drive" 1951 Frazer.

1955 Kaiser Manhattan
Model 51363N, Serial No.

In 1955 1,021 cars were made up of odds and ends left over at the Toledo, Ohio, factory. Exactly 1,006 were shipped to Argentina. This is one of the fifteen cars which was not shipped.  This car has a dark green body, paint #1908-H, Signal Green Metallic, with a light green top, paint #1616, Jade Tint, and a green interior.

It is also the last of the 1,021 cars built
on the production line at Toledo.

This 1955 Kaiser, Serial No. 11021,
was sold to Brad Kuchan of Minonk, IL,
and will be restored.

Welcome Brad to the KFOCI!



Is your classic here? 



See the Kaiser Frazer dealership in LaCrosse, Indiana . . .



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