Some of the Last Kaisers




Model 51363 N
Serial Number 10113

Present Owner:
Ruben Edgardo Davicino
Mendoza, Argentina


Paint Code 480
Trim Code 5340
Body Number 5421-4877



This 1955 Kaiser is registered in the Kaiser Frazer online registry:

These photos were sent to us by Ruben Edgardo Davicono of Argentina.


Model 51363
Serial Number 010370

Paint Code 150
Trim Code 5340

Present Owner:
 Juan Carlos Tuzzolino
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Juan Carlos Tuzzolino also has a
1961 Kaiser Carabela


This 1955 Kaiser is registered in the Kaiser Frazer online registry:


Model 51363N
Serial Number 10580

Body 1 - Paint Code 484 - Trim Code 5342

Present Owner:
Walter Borri
The provincia de Cordoba
Republica Argentina

This 1955 Kaiser is registered in the Kaiser Frazer online registry:

These photos were sent to us by Juan Carlos Tuzzolino of Argentina.



Model 51363
Serial Number 010839

Present Owner?
Thomas B. Null
North Hollywood, CA

    Copied from the Winter, 1972-1973 Kaiser Frazer Quarterly Magazine, Collector's Edition, page 64:

Grover Rice's 1955 Kaiser Manhattan is not just an ordinary '55 Kaiser.  It was originally built as a show car for the New York 1955 Auto Show.  Originally, it was black and white with black and white leather as an interior scheme.  After the show, it was returned to Vice President and General Manager McClary of Toledo, who had the car done over in gold and black with a matching interior, plus center arm rests in both the front and rear seats.  The car has power steering and power brakes, Hydra-matic, all the window mouldings are chrome plated, a Willys Hurricane engine with the old-type exhaust manifold and a heat-riser unit similar to the '51 and '52 Kaisers.  The engine has no identification plate on the block but does indicate the engine was manufactured by Kaiser Motors of Toledo.  The engine was factory rebuilt in 1964, which could account for the special markings.  At that time the car had only 15,000 miles on it.  Grover adds that the car now as 115,000 roughly.  The car is also factory equipped with complete carpeting front and rear, plus the entire trunk and the package shelf.  The serial number of the car indicates that is No. 513610839.   Grover purchased the car from a Joyce Beeler, who purchased the car from McClary's daughter.

This 1955 Kaiser is registered in the Kaiser Frazer online registry:

(Note from Chuck:  the serial number in the paragraph above may be an error.
The correct number may be 51363 10839.)


More photos of Model 51363 Serial Number 10839
taken by Nick Nicklin while he owned this 1955 Kaiser.

Nick Nicklin bought Grover Rice's 1955 Kaiser from him around 1985. Nick owned the car until it was sold to Tom Null about 1994. Nick wrote that the Kaiser originally had a supercharger, but it was not on the car when he purchased and owned it. Grover said that he had removed the supercharger for reliability purposes. The car has factory power brakes and factory power steering. The car also has tinted glass all around, except for the three piece rear backlight. Of course the interior is a "one-off," per the Kaiser's exec's wishes that originally owned the Kaiser. In addition to the car's non-production seat materials and sew pattern, the headliner is plastic. The inside window surrounds are all chromed. The rear shelf, normally painted, is carpeted.  The car has factory wire wheels.


Model 51363N
Serial Number 10858

Paint Code 480
Trim Code 5343


Present Owner:
Gabriel Monti
Santa Fe, Argentina

This 1955 Kaiser is registered in the Kaiser Frazer online registry:


Model 51363N Serial Number 11013

A 1955 Kaiser, SN# 51363N - 11013 was abandoned about forty years ago
at a transmission shop in the Detroit area.  The whereabouts of the car is unknown at this time.

1955 Kaiser




Model 51363N
Serial Number 11014

Body 2
Paint Code 480
Trim Code 5322

Present Owner:
W. W. "Bill" Tilden
Atlanta, GA



Model 51363N
Serial Number 11015

Body 1 - Paint Code 480 - Trim Code 5322

Present Owner:
George W. Lash
Battle Creek, MI

This 1955 Kaiser is registered in the Kaiser Frazer online registry:



September, 2011 - George Lash


In 1955 1,021 cars were made up of odds and ends left over at the Toledo, Ohio, factory. Exactly 1,006 were shipped to Argentina.

Serial Number 010839, Serial Number 11013, Serial Number 11014, Serial Number 11015, and Serial Number 11021 are five of the cars which were not shipped.

The Huckers have traced the seven previous owners of Serial Number 11015.  The car was purchased from a Chevrolet - Pontiac new and used car dealer in Toledo in the late 1950's.

They have traced the five previous owners of Serial Number 11021 back to the early 1970's.  The car remained in Ohio until purchased in October, 1998, by Chuck and Betty Hucker of Indiana.

Serial Number 11021 is the last of the 1,021 cars built on the production line at Toledo.


Model 51363N
Serial Number 11021

Body 1
Paint Code 481
Trim Code 5322


Present Owner:
Chuck and Betty Hucker
LaCrosse, IN

This 1955 Kaiser is registered in the Kaiser Frazer online registry:



These are photos of Serial Number 11021 and Serial Number 11015 when they were owned by Robert L. Fittro of Ohio.
The photos might have been taken in the late 1960s or early 1970s.


Serial Number 11021

SN 11015 and SN 11021

SN 11021, a 1953 Kaiser, and a 1951 Kaiser
all three owned by Robert L. Fittro,
KFOCI #174


Model 51367
Serial Number 11022

Present Owner:
Jim and Glee Westfall
Hartville, OH

 Copied from the Spring 1983 Kaiser Frazer Quarterly Magazine, Volume 19, Number 1, pgs 34 & 35:

George Harbert was Chief of Automotive Engineering at this time. He found a left-over 1954 Manhattan (without any running gear) in the Experimental Engineering Department. This 54 had a body number tag but no serial number. He purchased this car and put it on the assembly line after the last of the export Kaisers had been completed. His car was completed in June of 1955.

Selling this car created some problems for the company as the books had already been closed on Kaiser production. Kaiser-Willys solved this problem by assigning a domestic serial number prefix, an export serial number plus one, and licensing the car as a Willys Manhattan! Later on the title was corrected, and it is now officially a Kaiser.

This 1955 Kaiser is registered in the Kaiser Frazer online registry:


In the picture above, KFOCI member Lance Johnson's
1961 Kaiser Carabela is shown to the right.


In the Kaiser Frazer Quarterly, Summer - Autumn, 1960, Volume 1, Number 4,
is a page of production figures for the Kaiser, Frazer, Henry J, Willys, and Darrin automobiles
At the bottom of the page is written:

Note amount of 1955 Kaisers exported to the actual amount produced.  Argentina???  Steve Gamble had a 1955 Kaiser which had been wrecked and he was selling the parts so that leaves 14 yet to be located.  You'll have to check the serial number as they were virtually unchanged except for wire-wheels.

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