Meet Max!

Another 1951 Frazer joins Kaiser Frazer Gardens in May of 2005.


Max came with a sun visor.
We removed the sun visor to paint it.
ACE hardware mixed up the wrong paint!
We ended up with a pink sun visor.
Oh no!

So until we get the sun visor painted again . . .



Max meets Joe!





Max goes to the June, 2005, Orphan Car Show,

Ypsilanti, Michigan.

To the left is a 1951 Frazer Vagabond,

owner, Sam Haberman,

Birmingham, Michigan.

More Orphan Photos!

1948 Frazer Manhattan

Ted O'Dell, Sr.

Milan, Michigan

1949 Frazer

Carol and Jim Bunting

Romulus, Michigan


Tom and Vivian Wilson

1954 Kaiser Manhattan

Ypsilanti, Michigan

1951 Studebaker

Wayne and Sara Iseminger

Westville, Indiana

1953 Kaiser Manhattan

Tom and Doris Buzan

Carleton, Michigan


Kaiser Frazer Grandsons


Justin and Ryan



In May of 2009 this Frazer was sold
to KF member, Dave Goddard.

The Frazer now resides in Louisville, Kentucky
and is sporting new paint.

A 1954 Kaiser joins the collection . . .

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