LaCrosse Motor Sales

Chuck's father, Wilbur Hucker, Sr.,
operated a KAISER FRAZER dealership
from 1947 through 1953 in LaCrosse, Indiana.


Five-year old Chuck is seen pumping
gas into a 1951 Kaiser
in front of his Dad's dealership.

Note the neon Kaiser Frazer sign above the car.

In the window is LACROSSE MOTOR SALES.

1951 Kaiser Manhattan Coupe



LaCrosse Motor  Sales

1951 Henry J with aftermarket tail lights


LaCrosse Motor Sales

On the left is a 1951 Kaiser.
The middle car is probably a 1947 or 1948 Frazer.
The car on the right is a 1951 Frazer Vagabond.


LaCrosse Motor Sales

Ann and Wilbur Hucker, Sr. are visible in the doorway.


LaCrosse Motor Sales

Wilbur Hucker, Sr. is on the right.
Note the 1951 Kaiser banner on the wall.


LaCrosse Motor Sales
This photo is taken from the used car lot,
across the highway from the dealership.




This was an ad from the local newspaper.

The ad was dated March 10, 1949.



This is the building on March 22, 1937. before it was owned by Wilbur Hucker, Sr.
It was a Ford dealership operated by James (Earl) Rainey (far left).
Photo courtesy of Bob Rainey, grandson of Earl Rainey.


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