Wilbur Hucker sees the "handwriting on the wall."

This photo was taken
in early 1954.  Wilbur began the construction of a service station
across the highway from his
Kaiser Frazer dealership.

The station was built
on the property which was
formerly his used car lot.



of the Hucker's Standard Service station took place in July of 1954.

A 1950 Kaiser is on the rack which later became the station "push car."
A 1952 Kaiser is at the left
of the station drive.

To the right is a 1942 Ford Jeep.
Standing in the Jeep are Roy Ailes and Chuck.
Photo taken at the LaCrosse
Harvest Moon Festival parade.


Photo taken in September of 1957.

This aerial photo was taken of Huckers' station about 1960.  At the bottom of the picture is the 1950 Kaiser "push car."  To the right side of the station sits the station Jeep which has a home- made cab made from a '38 Chevy pickup.  The back window came from a '49 Kaiser.  To the right of the Jeep sits a 1952 Kaiser Manhattan; this was driven by Ann Hucker (Chuck's mom).  To the upper right of Ann's Kaiser is a Studebaker pickup, also used at the station.  A 1951 Kaiser rests at the upper right corner of the station.  Hidden behind the station, unfortunately,
is a 1951 Henry J which was made into an El Camino "type" pickup.

This photo was taken about 1963.
Chuck is to the left of his 1962 Dodge
His dad, Wilbur, is pumping gas.
Chuck's 1938 Chevy is at the left.

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